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Monday, January 16th 2006

1:20 PM

Game night #2

  • mood: Considering I have dance in approx. a quarter of a day? Eerily calm. I'll drink some coffee at 5 or 6.
  • grateful for: New friends--new people I can scare, I mean, that I can have fun with!
  • quote: "To me, boxing is like a ballet, except there's no music, no choreography, and the dancers hit each other."
  • random: Listenin' to: Switchfoot's "This is Your Life" & "Gone"

Well, I feel a little gipped about game night. #1: The Dynamic Duo weren't even there. #2: I was prohibited from having any sugar (so I had a few cups of coffee at 6pm instead). #3: The Curses game wasn't there!! Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaagh!

Okay, I still had fun. I managed to scare up some new friends--literally. Upon our departure, a new friend warned me not to hurt myself with sharp objects. I'd rather not disclose my reply just now--but the guy sure left fast.

So, let's see...we played relay pictionary ("you mean we have to draw?" someone asked). It became rather nail-bitingly tense. At first, my team was creaming the other. Then (the audacity!), they started listening to our shouts and getting the answers faster until they caught up with us. The nail biting part was when we were stuck on gray and the other team got one word ahead us...two words ahead...three...Finally, we got some grace. Some else on our team offered to try to draw the mystery word. Permission was granted (the look on the new drawer's face when he heard the word wasn't comforting though). To his credit, we guessed it fairly quickly and raced (in whispers) to catch up. When we had all the words, we had to guess the theme that tied all the words together. While we were scratching our heads at rain, snow, cold, fireplace, boots, cloud, gray, scarf, the "we have to draw?" guy blurted, "Winter?" That was it! We won!!

Princess Josi and her brother, Michael, brought the game Cranium. I was told I was going to play. I was on their team playing against two girls and a guy (the guy we had to keep the pencils away from). It was fun--especially the pencil war and the paper airplane fight.

Can't wait til next game night--I want Curses! To play, that is.

30 shekel(s) thrown.

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