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Thursday, May 25th 2006

10:38 AM

Dancing to O-Zone

I just made a discovery! One can dance the Dragostea Din Tei steps to many of the other O-Zone songs! Waaaaaaahoooooooooo! I was doing it moments ago--but I have to get to work!

Yay for coffee, music, and dancing!!

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Monday, May 22nd 2006

5:45 PM

Happy Birthday Sir Arthur Conan Doyle!

  • mood: Considering there's no dance today--I feel surprisingly well. Strangely mellow though.
  • grateful for: salads with cheese--mmm! Great writers to enjoy.
  • random: I like the Sherlock Holmes theme Google has.

It's takes a tragedy to get me to blog.

Ordinarily, I would be going to dance about now, but there is no dance today. Joseph has a good excuse though: there's a blood drive going on at the place where we dance. Ah well, at least I'm missing dance for a good cause. LOL!

My job is going well. Life is crazy as usual. Imah has become so much of a tv junkie that she turns on the tube just to have it going (which really annoys me; "If you're not going to watch it, turn it off!").

In fact, she finally got me to watch that Extreme Makeover Home Edition show last night. If I wasn't such a stone, I would have cried. I was so impressed and touched at that black woman who took in those special needs kids. That was just incredible. And how those guys made her a new home with some old memories saved from the rubble. Wow. My eyes burn even thinking about it. I'm glad I watched it. Ok! There! I said it!

I'm also into some of the crime investigation shows. I've always loved Law & Order; now, I'm getting into CSI and others. My favorite is Numb3rs! Lord! I love that show! Charlie Epps is so...genius!

And let us remember this wonderful this wonderful writer whose stories top my favorites list:

Happy Birthday, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle!

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Friday, May 12th 2006

8:34 PM

Your Pinkest Nightmare

  • mood: craving milk and cookies ; full of fun!
  • grateful for: friends and the fun they bring
  • quote: Shabbat Shalom!
  • random: Listening to: The Unexpected Mrs. Pollifax

Well, I have nothing to say. Really--nothing.

I'm working diligently on my novel--which I will attempt to mention only in my writers blog; I have brought chaos and havoc to dance (dancing with scissors and splashing Joseph again); and once again, I have lured a victim to my home.

Ok, 1: she isn't here yet. 2. the dancing princess is well aware of the danger and (I'm sure) has taken the necessary precautions--such as: 1. she is bringing The Pretender with her. 2. She is bringing Serenity (so I can see for myself that Mr. Universe is indeed my favorite Numb3rs character, Charlie Epps). 3. She is taking me to Seattle for Israeli Dancing! Yes!

Oh, yes, we're also going to be doing a real life picture of a comic which portrays us as archenemies in a Mexican standoff. LOL! My character has a pink gun (at my request!) because I'm obsessed with pink (if you couldn't tell--LOL!).

To see the comic, click here and click on 5/6 under the comic archive.

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Wednesday, April 19th 2006

7:40 PM

Excuse for not blogging

  • mood: Lovely, enchanted--hehe, I mean cheeky.
  • grateful for: what some call my "dull and boring life" -- I call it peaceful...aaaaaaah....
  • quote: "Not a shred of evidence exists in favor of the idea that life is serious." --Brendan Gill
  • random: Stuff: mixture of honey, cinnamon, & cream cheese. Great on anything--or even plain! Try it on matzah! Mm-mm...

I dedicate this blog to all pink-aphobics.

I wish I could honestly say I haven't blogged because I've been busy working on my novel, but that, unfortunately, is not true. I haven't worked regularly on LR for quite a while. My nephews came over for their spring break a couple weeks ago. Imah and I took them everywhere (Dunguness Spit in Sequim, Seattle,  & Point Defiance Zoo and Aquarium).

Last week, I missed dance--the week before, I was moody at class. This week, however, I was cheerful. This moody cloud has recently lifted and, though that morning it tried to return, I made it to and through dance class my usual, hyper, mischievous self. The Count got chased again because he had my scissors--which I accidently stabbed myself with while dancing "Hey Baby". I'm okay--just drew a little blood--no rabies shots needed . I splashed Joseph with water again because he scared me so badly (pretending to splash me) that I fell on my posterior. Grr... When will he learn? LOL!

Anyway, I have a lot of things going on right now (besides its being Pesach--goodbye, bread!). I'm working on getting a license-- yes, I know, it's shocking a person of my age doesn't drive. Hey, I don't want to deal with all the crazies around here--it's just that I can't take my chaffeur's driving anymore. I'll risk driving myself.  

I'm training for a weekend job and starting another job at the end of the month. In June, I'll be at camp (most likely). I hoping to make it to Sol Duc this summer (with Josi hopefully). Oh yes, I'll also be joining some private swimming pool club. A-a-a-a-ah....... I've always been a water-baby. Hehe.

Um...the furniture has all been moved into its new positions (I'm praying it will all stay that way for quite a while). The evil bunks have been fixed, but I will never trust them.

Well, I suppose that's all for now. I'm going to finish an important battle scene in LR and then go listen to my audiobook, Mrs. Pollifax and the Lion Killer.


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Saturday, April 1st 2006

3:25 PM

Back in my own Realm

  • mood: sore but perky--I mean, quirky
  • grateful for: root beer floats, time alone with Abba

...what a change.

I'm back home. No, I'm not really happy about it. Despite my tiring visit to her majesty, Princess Josi's, Imah insists upon renovating our place.  I used to be good at moving furniture around, but I'm just getting older--and I'm tired (and I haven't been exercising regularly since that week I spent sick with fever--about three weeks ago).

Needless to say, I'm out of shape. My back is killing me, my right arm looks like a savage wildcat got ahold of it, and my left arm (my precious left arm) was strained by a mercilessly heavy piece of furniture. At least my precious left hand is unharmed--so far.

Imah had me move some more dressers today--unfortunately, she measured incorrectly and they won't fit in their new places. So, I took off all the stuff on top of them, removed their drawers, moved them into their new positions, etc. for nothing! She SO owed me that root beer float (yes, Imah, I thank you.)

That isn't the worst of it. Oh no--there's more. I will enjoy no rest next week either because two of my nephews are coming. Oh joy.  Ah well, it's a good thing they're boys. I can vent by swinging them around and slamming them into the sofa (they love that). It's just so...tiring. Argh!

Smile, girl--just smile. Please, Father, don't let her get the urge to change the furniture around again! It was okay when I was younger--but this is taking years off my precious life!

Oh, that reminds me. I'm almost finished with another chapter of my precious novel. I'm considering making the chapters shorter from now on--it's a bit complicated to explain. I'm so happy! The End is in sight! Then, I can begin vol. 2!! (yes, Josi, that means: Evelyn!!)

Signing out,
Agent Ashyra

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Wednesday, March 22nd 2006

11:21 AM

Update from Princess Josi's realm

  • mood: And I haven't had my coffee! Pretender season 3, here I come!!
  • grateful for: The chance to go to Josi's and meet old/new friends.
This is Princess Yaffa coming to you from Princess Josi's (well, not really coming to you because I'm in my PJ's--LOL). ANYway, I'm hyper and I'm going to have coffee!! (Be afraid; be very afraid.)  Wow, I'm not naturally a morning person--maybe I'm hyper because I'm tired. Getting to sleep before midnight has been impossible thus far.

Josi picked me up on Monday and we went to visit a friend known as C4 (don't ask ), who has about a dozen siblings! (I love that family.)  Finally, I got to show the older sisters the Fat Man dance just as I promised them months ago. Just for fun, Josi and I showed them some other dances (Riverdance & Koko Jumbo & Shuj Shuj Zemer).

Then, my "twin" (don't ask which one of us is the evil one) insisted that we watch Pride and Prejudice. I told her I hadn't seen it yet but really wanted to.

After the movie, Josi and I rushed off for dance. Unfortunately, I forgot to eat after breakfast so by 7pm I was gettting sluggish.  Joseph taught some (rather advanced) dances that we'll probably do at the dance party Saturday evening. I had a hard time with it. Then, I started getting really tired and short of breath. I glanced over at the chips someone had brought in and it hit me. Duh, Einstein! You didn't eat hardly anything today! Some people might be able to get away with that, but I am definitely not one of them. I fall apart if I don't eat. So, I started munching on those chips as thought my life depended on it.

By the time we went home (to Josi's), I was just too exhausted to eat. However, we stayed up later (can't remember why) and then I woke up enough to eat. Before I had even finished eating, I felt revitalized and got a tiny bit hyper. LOL!

I got to meet a friend of Josi's yesterday that I met online (we shall her Crayon for now). We watched Pirates of the Caribbean, and all us girls (Josi's sis and mom too)  got facials last night. I won't say anything about the incident between Josi and Crayon that got Crayon's lip injured.

So with that, I shall say farewell! and leave you with this quiz result. It's fits.

You Should Be a Film Writer
You don't just create compelling stories, you see them as clearly as a movie in your mind.
You have a knack for details and dialogue. You can really make a character come to life.
Chances are, you enjoy creating all types of stories. The joy is in the storytelling.
And nothing would please you more than millions of people seeing your story on the big screen!
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Wednesday, March 15th 2006

8:32 PM

How does the dictionary define you?

  • mood: tired...but building up strength!
  • grateful for: Friends, Purim, movies, internet, moments of non-writer's-block
  • quote: To me, boxing is like a ballet, except there's no music, no choreography, and the dancers hit each other.

Just a little something I got from a friend...

Princess Yaffa --

Extremely extreme!

'How will you be defined in the dictionary?' at QuizGalaxy.com

Yoli --

A master of storytelling

'How will you be defined in the dictionary?' at QuizGalaxy.com

So, I made it to a Purim party Monday evening. The last hour of dance class was cut off for it (the only part I could have made it to), but I was too sick to dance. Imah didn't want me to dance in the first place (she had a point--I tried some warming up at home a couple days before and nearly passed out). Oh well. Purim was fun. We didn't get drunk, but we sure had fun acting like it. I actually had people come to me and ask if I was okay--wait, I get that all the time. Moving on...

I don't really have anything much to say. I am plotting against a few people at dance through. They know who they are...

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